Special Collections: The Court of Appeals of Maryland, A History

Image of title page to Court of Appeals of Maryland A History

Carroll T. Bond served as the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals (now the Supreme Court) of Maryland from 1924-1943. Prior to his appointment on the Court of Appeals, Bond was a well respected trial attorney and later was appointed to the bench of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City (now the Circuit Court for Baltimore City).

The American Bar Association, in 1920, stated, "Judge Bond has rendered great service to his community and his ability, fairness and fearlessness have won for him a high place in the esteem of the members of the Bar and of the people generally." Shortly after being appointed as Chief Judge, Bond compiled this history entitled The Court of Appeals of Maryland, A History.

The early operation and history of the Court were not often discussed. Indeed, Chief Judge Robert C. Murphy described the situation thusly:

Courtroom in State House as it appeared from 1865-1903

"For years researchers have experience first hand the real scarcity of published sources on the Court's history. The only real landmark book on the Court was published in 1928. This work astutely documented and narrated by Judge Carroll T. Bond, The Court of Appeals of Maryland, A History, covers the Court's chronology only up to 1867."

Physical copies of this important work are available at the Law Library. The State Archives also has an electronic version of the book accessible on their website. Our thanks to the Archives for the images on this page.

Maryland State House 1789