Special Collections: Map of Prince George's County

Image of title area of Prince George's County Map

Simon Martenet (born 1832) was a surveyor, mapmaker and real estate consultant. By 1867 he had published an atlas and a large map of Maryland that was so accurate that the General Assembly provided copies for all the public schools in the state. His maps and atlases at the State Archives span the years 1858 to 1886, but it is likely that maps were produced and sold up to the time of the Great Baltimore Fire, February 7-8, 1904.

Image of Upper Marlborough inset

In 1864. Mr. Martenet secured the cooperation of the state in the form of a legislative resolution [No. 2, Assented to March 9, 1864], which granted him "the free use of the State Library . . . and such other Archives and State Records as may contain applicable data . . . which may assist him in perfecting his proposed Map of Maryland; and the various State officers are requested to furnish him every facility for the accomplishment of that object." Martenet's Map of Prince George's County, 1861, features insets of Upper Marlborough, Bladensburg, Piscataway, Laurel, Nottingham and Woodville.