Why You Should Support a Civil Right to Counsel in Maryland

When One Worker Benefits, Everyone's Wages Go Up

When workers can enforce their rights to fair pay, benefits and freedom from discrimination, then those employers cannot unfairly compete. That means that employers who do pay fair wages and treat their workers well, can compete in the marketplace. Better workplace for you.

When One Tenant Prevails, Everyone's Housing is Improved

When tenants can enforce their rights to safe and decent housing, fair practices and honest treatment, then those landlords cannot continue to reap large profits at the expense of their tenants. That means landlords who are fair and maintain their properties can compete in the housing market. Better housing for you.

When Families Are Stable, Every Family Benefits

When one family is able to get the child support or other financial help to which their family is entitled, or when families can resolve conflicts peacefully, family members can thrive, adults keep their jobs, kids do well in school, families purchase goods and contribute to their community. Better community for you.