Can’t Afford Appellate Costs?

If you choose to appeal your case, you may be eligible for a waiver of the costs and fees associated with the appeal. Appellate costs and fees must be paid before the appeal can be heard.

Two Types of Appellate Costs

  • Assembling the record: This fee covers the cost to the lower court of preparing court records that must be sent to the higher court that will consider your appeal.
  • Filing fee: This fee is charged by the appellate court that will hear your appeal.

How to Ask the Court to Waive Appellate Fees

  • Complete two forms:
    1. Request for Waiver of Prepaid Costs for Assembling the Record for an Appeal (Form CC-DC-091)
    2. Request for Waiver of Prepaid Appellate Costs (Form CC-DC-092)
  • Submit BOTH forms to the trial court – the court that heard your original case.
  • After the trial court makes a decision about the costs of assembling the record, it will send the decision to the appellate court. Both decisions will be mailed to you.
  • Both costs will be waived automatically if your lawyer is an approved legal services provider.
  • If your request is denied, in whole or in part, you must pay the unwaived portion of the costs within 10 days of the date the order was issued.

A Word about Transcript Costs

  • In many instances, you must pay for transcripts of the trial to be typed. It can be expensive.
  • The forms permit you to waive the cost of a transcript in the District Court ONLY.
  • If your case was heard in the Circuit Court, the court CANNOT waive the transcript costs.