Maryland Courts

Self-Help Videos

Are you considering representing yourself in court? The videos below unravel complex legal principles and procedures to make navigating the courts easier. Each video also has a tip sheet that can be printed out for your files.

How to Research the Law
How to Research the Law
How to Research the Law
Preparing for your Day in Court
What is the Law?
Day in Court
Before Court: Tips on
Preparing for Your Day in Court
Representing myself
Should I Represent Myself?
Working with lawyer
Hiring and Working with
Your Lawyer
Day in Court
Tips For Your Day in Court
Gavel and  note with words  "Legal Fees"
Can't Afford Court Filing Fees?
Finding and hiring a lawyer
Finding Legal Help in a Civil Case
Bringing a Small Claim
Bringing a Small Claim
Small Claims
Defending a Small Claim
Service of Process
Service of Process
Gavel and jar with coins
Can’t Afford Appellate Costs?


Last updated: December 2015