Creating and Celebrating New Families

stock photo Adorable One Year Old African Baby

Some of the courts’ most joyful interactions with children are adoption proceedings. Adoptions are legally finalized in our circuit courts throughout the year, but each November, Maryland’s courts also take part in National Adoption Day, when judges in circuit courts throughout the state help dozens of children become members of permanent families. Following many of the adoptions, receptions are held to honor the new families. By taking part in these festivities, the courts are helping raise awareness of the more than 100,000 children in foster care who are waiting to find permanent, loving families.

Several circuit courts work with local bar associations and social services departments to put on special National Adoption Day celebrations that include bagpipe serenades, symphony orchestra accompaniment, guest speakers, face painting, clowns, magic tricks, balloons and cake.

Maryland’s courts are part of a national effort that involves judges, attorneys, adoption professionals, child welfare agencies, and advocates throughout the U.S. Since National Adoption Day was established in 2000, more than 35,000 children have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day.