Consumers and the Courts
When Courts Aren’t the Answer, Other Agencies Can Help

Consumers may be able to avoid court if they get the right information and advice before entering a contract, or seek help before a problem becomes a lawsuit. Here are two valuable self-help resources:

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  • The People’s Law Library is a website that provides legal information, self-help legal resources, and referrals to low or no-cost legal services for Maryland citizens. The website is maintained by the Maryland State Law Library. Library staff members, non-profit legal services providers, legal aid programs, public interest attorneys, and community advocacy groups provide content for the website. The People's Law Library is available on the Maryland State Law Library's website., People's Law Library. The Maryland State Law Library can also help with legal research.

  • The Maryland Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division offers information, tips and mediation services for consumers to help resolve complaints against businesses and health insurance carriers.
    Hotline number: (410) 528-8662.