Now Maryland drivers must ask for a trial to dispute a ticket

A new state law does away with automatic court dates for traffic tickets. Instead, drivers who want to dispute their traffic tickets in court must request a trial from the District Court of Maryland.

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Drivers who get a payable traffic ticket have three options:

Examples of payable traffic violations include speeding, failure to obey traffic signs or signals, or failure to stop for a school bus. Drivers must comply with the new law within 30 days by paying the fine, asking for a waiver hearing or asking for a trial. If drivers do not choose one of these options within 30 days, they risk having their license suspended by the Motor Vehicle Administration.

If drivers opt to pay the traffic ticket fine, they may do so in any of the following ways:

Traffic tickets have instructions about how to pay the fine, ask for a waiver hearing, or ask for a trial date. Drivers can ask for a waiver hearing or a trial date by marking that option on the ticket and mailing it to the District Court Traffic Processing Center.

There is more information about the new law—what it means and how it works, a list of frequently asked questions, instructions and links—through the Maryland Judiciary’s website address: