Maryland Courts

General Information

Orphans' Court judges run for general election every four years. Maryland’s Constitution requires Orphans’ Court judges to be Maryland citizens and residents of their jurisdiction for at least 12 months before their election. The state Constitution requires Orphans’ Court judges in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Prince George's County to be lawyers. As elected officials, Orphans' Court judges are responsible to the people whose rights and interests they are charged with protecting.

Three Orphans’ Court judges sit in the City of Baltimore and each of Maryland’s counties, except Harford and Montgomery counties. (In those two counties, Circuit Court judges sit as Orphans’ Court judges.) See the listing of Maryland Orphans' Court judges.

Conference of Orphans' Court Judges

On September 28, 2015, the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals issued an Administrative Order  to harmonize the structure of the Conference of Orphans’ Court Judges within the governance structure adopted by the Chief Judge.

The Conference consults with the Chief Judge on matters that affect the Orphans' Court. The Conference consists of 14 members appointed by the Chief Judge who serve two-year terms. See the current roster of Conference members.