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The Judicial Nominating Commissions select and nominate to the Governor persons found by the Commission to be legally and most fully professionally qualified to fill a vacancy. The table includes all current vacancies. Once the close date to a vacancy passes, the names of all applicants will be listed. The public is encouraged to participate in the selection process by submitting written and signed comments concerning the qualifications of an applicant to The Judicial Nominating Commission, c/o The Administrative Office of the Courts, Human Resources, Maryland Judicial Center, 580 Taylor Avenue, Building A, First Floor, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. The comments must be received at least one week prior to the Commission meeting date shown in the table below.

The Nominating Commission meets to interview all candidates. Thereafter a voting session takes place and the names of nominees are reported to the Governor. This usually occurs the same day or morning after the Commission meets. When approval is granted by the Governor's Office, the names of the individuals nominated by the Commission will be listed in the table below.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this table. Please recognize, however, that this list does not constitute official notification of individuals nominated for, or appointed to, a judicial vacancy. Rather, the official list of candidates for a vacancy is compiled by the Administrative Office of the Courts and sent to the Governor's Office. The Governor's Office officially notifies the appointed individual and releases an official notice to the public. When an appointment to a vacancy is announced by the Governor's Office, the name is highlighted in red.
Court Reason for Vacancy Close Date
4:30 p.m.
Comm. Mtg Nominees

(Date of Appointment)

Circuit Court for Somerset County


Retirement of the Honorable Daniel M. Long



James Harry Porter, Jr.
Daniel William Powell
Ajene Moleto Turnbull
Jennifer Marie Turnbull

Circuit Court for Baltimore City Retirement of the Honorable Stephen J. Sfekas 3/2/17

Geoffrey Giles Hengerer
Mark Joseph Austra Jaskulski
Dana Michele Middleton
Honorable Devy Patterson Russell
Honorable Gregory Sampson
Honorable Michael Stephen Studdard
Thomas Jacob Shryock Waxter, III
**Charles Mario Blomquist
**Honorable Flynn Marcus Owens
**Robert Kinsey Taylor, Jr.
**Hope Tipton

Circuit Court for Montgomery County Upcoming Retirement of the Honorable Joseph M. Quirk 2/23/17

Carlos Federico Acosta
James Alfred Bonifant
Magdalena Albornoz Boynton
Kenneth Andrew Grigg, Jr.
Maria Christina Hamilton
Gerald William Heller
Kevin Gerard Hessler
Thomas Paul Johnson, III
Maura Louise Lynch
Honorable Patricia Lynn Mitchell
Honorable John Christian Moffett
Honorable Eric John Nee
Marylin Pierre
Deborah Murrell Whelihan
Honorable Zuberi Bakari Williams
Clark Emanuel Wisor, III **Theresa Michelle Chernosky
**David Warren Lease
**Honorable James Bernard Sarsfield
**Honorable Margaret Marie Schweitzer
**Samantha M. Williams

District Court for Prince George's County Elevation of the Honorable Tiffany H. Anderson and the Honorable Robin D. Gill Bright to the Circuit Court 2/9/17

Daniel Ray Bendt
Scott Michael Carrington
Cheri Nicole Simpkins Gardner
Kimberly Vicena Lewis
Honorable Erik Howard Nyce
Franklin Dale Shelton
**LaKeecia Renee Allen
**Gerald A. A. Collins
**Michael Charles Conway
**Wytonja LaCheryl Curry
**ShaRon Marie Grayson Kelsey
**Alison Yvette Leonard-Leech


**Individuals who were nominated for a judicial vacancy but who were not appointed by the Governor become part of a pool that will be considered automatically for each vacancy on the same court occurring within two years after submission of the initial list.