Maryland Courts

Message from Tammy Sitar

November 6, 2015


Please note that Department of Budget and Finance’s annual Accounting Day is coming up!  It is planned for Thursday, November 19th.  The focus of the day will continue to be GEARS processing.  The invite and agenda has been distributed via email a couple times and can be found on the DBF courtnet site with the below link.  Please review the information and if would like to attend, please be sure to RSVP quickly as registration closes soon! See http://courtnet/finance/newsflash.html.

Expense Reports: 

  1. Grant Conferences:  Please remember that expense reimbursement requests associated with grants, i.e. CANDO Conference, should still be mailed into the respective grant office, rather than directly processing them into GEARS.  During the recent CANDO conference, expense reimbursement forms were distributed with their office mailing address.  For those of you that still need it, their address is:
    Foster Care Court Improvement Program
    Administrative Office of the Courts
    Programs Division
    2009 A Commerce Park Drive
    Annapolis, MD 21401
  2. Vendor Initials:  If a vendor utilizes an initial in their vendor name in place of their first name, then this should also be the first initial used in the invoice number.  Please remember that only two initials for their first and last names should be used in the invoice number and they should be capitalized.

PO Monitoring; – As we are through four months of AY2016, it is important to remember to monitor your purchase orders on a consistent basis and take required actions  The Procurement Department is actively working on all of the PO close requests.  The PO Buy Down report and PO Close request page are great tools for helping a user decide which purchase orders are eligible to be closed. Please analyze your purchase orders and identify all those that meet the criteria for closing.  Information regarding this process can be found on the GEARS site under What’s New.  Please reach out to the Procurement Department, if you should have any questions.

Security Role Queries – Just a reminder that Administrative Officials should be reviewing the security queries for their local court or department staff role assignments within GEARS.  Both of the below queries display GEARS user roles and have the option to include “locked accounts” in the results.  A locked account is a User ID account that has been made inactive.  Please review these queries on a regular basis to ensure that staff have only the appropriate roles required for their assigned work functions.  The Query Viewer navigation path is shown as well.  If you should have any questions about the results, please contact the help desk.  Query Viewer

  • AOC_SECTY_USERS_BY_PCA, i.e. 60091, C0300

Tip Sheet *NEW* - How to Find an Existing Voucher – In many instances, vouchers are referred back to the creator for correction.  Please note that new vouchers should not be created in these instances.  Rather, the user should locate the existing voucher and make the required corrections.  A new tip sheet on how to pull these vouchers up in the system has been created for your reference.

Training – The fall 2015 GEARS training classes have begun.  Please review the announcement and schedule on the GEARS site for any remaining classes.  Remember you should always review the GEARS site for important guidance on work processes, but you may also contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Maryland Judiciary
Deputy Director Budget and Finance
GEARS, Project Director
580 Taylor Avenue, Bldg A-4
Annapolis, MD  21401
410-260-1290 Fax