Maryland Courts

Message from Tammy Sitar

August 16, 2015


The Department of Budget and Finance (DBF) has completed and turned in all schedules and documentation to the state for our FY15 year-end close!  For GEARS, the last task was to set up the prior year budgets and complete the roll of our encumbered and accrued PO’s in the system.  The Department of Procurement, Contracts, and Grants Administration (DPCGA) staff, in coordination with DBF, has been working hard on this process for the past two weeks.  As of tonight, the roll process for the bulk of the PO’s and their associated PO lines has been completed.  We have a nominal amount of PO’s (34 to be exact) that we are still working through final issues on and anticipate their resolution in the next day or so.  While the process went fairly smoothly, we will look to improve on this last step next year in hopes of reducing our downtime for vouchering.  However, it is really important that users stay current on year-end information and important dates and details.  For example, we had some users attempt to voucher against FY15 PO’s after our published end-time (and prior to this notice) that required additional analysis, and further work.

All of the successfully rolled encumbered and accrued PO’s have been removed from “hold” and are available for use in vouchers.  The 34 PO’s that are still being reviewed remain on “hold”  Please remember that all FY15 PO’s, unless encumbered or accrued, will be closed and are not available for use in FY16.  DPCGA sent earlier communication requesting all users to have requisitions and PO’s completed on a fiscal year basis and were instructed to create new FY16 requisitions for any PO’s that crossed fiscal years.  If you are not sure of the status of a PO or experience any trouble processing vouchers, please contact the help desk, DBF or DPCGA for assistance.

On a very positive note, this was only our second year closing on our new GEARS financial system and we finished successfully and timely!  Much of this is due to the work and dedication that each of you has put into the process, as well as all of the staff within the AOC Departments.  The GEARS team continues to welcome your input on processes and possible improvements.

Great job!

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Maryland Judiciary
Deputy Director Budget and Finance
GEARS, Project Director
580 Taylor Avenue, Bldg A-4
Annapolis, MD  21401
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