Maryland Courts

July 12, 2015


This is the seventh of a series of year-end email reminders.  It is critical that you read this information to stay up to date in requirements and possible changes to ensure a smooth year-end process.  In addition, please be sure to review the FY15 year-end memo and checklist on a regular basis to ensure that you are in compliance with all required items.  Both documents can be found on the GEARS site for further details.

We are closing in on the last week of open year-end tasks for staff of the courts and departments.  However, it is still essential that staff pay careful attention to their work and data entry.  After this time, the focus of finalizing year-end tasks shifts to Budget and Finance, Procurement, and District Court Headquarters.


  1. GEARS INVOICES AND EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENTS:  Please process all FY15 invoices in GEARS by Tuesday, July 14. (This includes travel expense reimbursement requests.)
    1. FY15 Invoices received by July 14 - Invoices applicable to FY15 can be processed through Tuesday, July 14.  Between July 1 and July 14, please be sure to use a June 30 accounting date on all FY15 vouchers and ensure AY2015 (or earlier encumbrance year) is referenced in the voucher distribution lines.  Additionally, please make sure that the budget date in the distribution line is June 30 as well.  Initially, the budget date will default in as a July date to match the default accounting date (prior to changing it to June 30).  Once you change the accounting date to June 30 and then enter your speed chart in the distribution line, the budget date will change to June 30 as well.  However, if the accounting date is subsequently changed after completing your distribution line, the budget date will not align and you are not able to change it.  The two options are: 1. Delete the distribution line and reenter it to align the dates correctly with the accounting date or 2. contact DBF to correct the budget date.  Before saving the voucher, please double-check all dates.
    2. All FY16 invoices should be held for processing until after Tuesday, July 14. On Wednesday, July 15, the FY16 accounting periods will be open and available for use in the Accounts Payable module of the system.  Please be sure to have your FY16 PO’s completed and ready for use before attempting to voucher any related invoices.
    3. FY15 Invoices received after July 14 – These invoices will need to be processed against your FY16 budget (unless an encumbrance or accrual).  The accounting date used must be after July 1 (it should default to the current date) and the distribution lines should contain AY2016 (or the appropriate encumbrance/accrual AY year).
    4. FY15 open PO’s will no longer be available for use beginning on Wednesday, July 15.  Unless the PO is encumbered or accrued, it will be closed.
    5. After July 14, all invoices needing to be vouchered against AY2015 purchase orders should be held until encumbrance or accrual notification is given by DBF to proceed.  Please notify staff in the Budget Unit of DBF of any PO’s that you would like to be considered for encumbrance.  Encumbered PO’s are anticipated to be available for use by August 5.
  2. VOUCHER CLEANUP: Please review your vouchers to ensure that they have been approved and contact your approver as needed to request required actions.

    All FY15 vouchers must be in a full complete finished status at year-end.  DBF will be monitoring and reviewing vouchers but it is important that the courts/departments review their vouchers as well.  This can be done through the Voucher Activity Inquiry page.  Details about this functionality can be found under the Tip Sheet section of the GEARS site.  Please review vouchers in different statuses, such as budget statuses that are in “Error” or “Not Checked”, approvals that are “Pending” or “Denied”, and match statuses with “Exceptions.”  Again, vouchers with these statuses need review and in most cases, need further action.  If it is determined that a voucher is no longer needed, please notify Brittanie Collier via email with the details and requested action.  If you need any assistance in processing vouchers, please contact the Help Desk x1114 or DBF staff.

  3. Express PO page is still “read-only” but is expected to become active again on Wednesday, July 15.

    To minimize possible confusion and the potential for errors, the Express PO page is still in read only access for requestors.  When vouchering for FY15 is complete, the page will be made active again.  Once active, please do not create any Express PO’s with AY15 associated lines.  If you are not sure what to do with a specific invoice, please contact AP staff in Budget and Finance.

  4. Contract Listing – The Department of Procurement is currently working on the FY16 contract listing.  As soon as it is completed, it will be posted on the GEARS site.


  1. FY16 Revenue refunds can be processed beginning on Wednesday, July 15.  Please ensure that the distribution line contains AY16.  (AY15 should no longer be used).
  2. Once June interest is received from DBF, approximately July 14, end of month June local disbursements should be completed in a timely manner.


  • Upon receipt of interest, have you processed your EOM local through June 2015?
  • Have you processed all of your AY15 vouchers by Tuesday, July 14?
  • Have you held your AY16 vouchers for processing until Wednesday, July 15?
  • Have you reviewed the GEARS voucher activity inquiry page to ensure all FY15 vouchers have been approved and budget checked?
  • Have you notified the budget unit of DBF of PO’s that you would like to be considered for encumbrance?
  • Have you notified the budget unit of DBF of any invoices that will need to be accrued past Tuesday, July 14?
  • Have you completed all required journal entries ensuring the a journal date of June 30 was used?

As always, please feel free to contact me or the help desk if you should have any questions or need further assistance.

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Maryland Judiciary
Deputy Director Budget and Finance
GEARS, Project Director
580 Taylor Avenue, Bldg A-4
Annapolis, MD  21401
410-260-1290 Fax