Maryland Courts

Message from Tammy Sitar

October 26, 2016


System Upgrade – The GEARS System will be undergoing an upgrade over the next six months or so.  The system will be going to the latest PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FCSM) version 9.2.  A project plan has been developed with an anticipated go-live date of April 2017 at this time.  The GEARS Functional and Technical Team is actively reviewing the release documentation, processes, and planning for testing.  At this time, all of our reviews seem to indicate that most of the changes relate to the “look” of the system, rather than changes to our actual processes.  In addition, we have created an “extended team” including local court and AOC department staff.  This team will assist us in the planning, development, testing and training efforts.  We will be providing periodic updates on the project to all of our users.  In addition, there are a couple 9.2 Sneak Peek sessions at Accounting Day.

Accounting Day – The invite and agenda for the 2016 Accounting Day have been distributed.  The information can be found under Newsflash on the Department of Budget and Finance Courtnet site.  Please review the agenda and if you would like to attend, check with your supervisor, as applicable, and register early. 

Close Dates – As provided previously, below are the close dates for the remainder of FY17.  Please be sure to have your documents and end-of-month processing complete by the last date noted for each month.  With periods being closed, the system will now provide date messages that may prevent saving of your document.  Please note that there is a Tip Sheet titled, “What to do if you get a closed period message”, on the GEARS site under the “general” heading. 

August               September 15
September       October 15
October             November 17
November        December 15
December         January 15
January             February 16
February           March 15
March                April 15
April                   May 17
May                    June 15
June                    Please follow deadlines that will be published in the year-end schedule.

Order to Cash Reminders –

  • All courts should remember to check the Message Log when the Billing Interface process has been completed.  If any errors are displayed, please enter a help desk ticket.
  • All court personnel can see a listing of their daily deposits by using the AOC_ Deposit_BUS_Revenue (query).  In addition, District Court staff can run the R1-Mon Rev Detail Report as well.
  • District Court staff should confirm if they have any local to disburse by running the AOC_CHARGE_ID_ALLOC_EOM query.  If any results are received, then the end of month (EOM) process must be completed.  
  • Please be sure to process all returned checks in a timely manner.
  • There are still courts utilizing the Single Payment vendor incorrectly.  This is happening most often when paying a bond company.  Many of these companies are established vendors in the GEARS system.  Please search for an existing vendor before using the option of a Single Payment vendor.

Procurement Reminders –

  • Please be sure to run the Req and PO Budgetary Activity Report(s) on a regular basis to assist in the close process. 
    • If a requisition has a remaining amount after a PO has been issued, please contact your buyer in Procurement to ensure the requisition is finalized and closed. 
    • If a purchase order has a remaining amount, it should be reviewed to determine whether it is valid and should remain open or if it should be closed.
  • Before completing the PO close request, please ensure that all vouchers associated with that PO have been processed by accounts payable and are in “submitted to state” status.  This can easily be done by reviewing the AOC MD Payment tab of the voucher.  If a Ref. Document Number is listed, then the voucher has been submitted to the state for payment.  Please process your PO close request each month.

Reference Number example

  • The Procurement policy requires receipts for all goods procured.
  • The Procurement policy does NOT require receipts for services procured.  In some instances, receipts are being generated for goods procured when they are not necessary.  This creates extra work and sometimes will cause issues when vouchering.
  • Historically during year-end, when creating a requisition, the GEARS Team has asked that users indicate the applicable fiscal year of the requisition as the first part of the requisition name.  We are now requesting that you follow this naming standardization throughout the year for all of your requisitions.  This will make identification of requisitions very easy and also help in any requisition searches that a user may perform.  

Training – The fall 2016 GEARS training class schedule has been distributed.  Please review the announcement and schedule on the GEARS site for any remaining classes.  Remember you should always review the GEARS site for important guidance on work processes, but you may also contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Thank you.