Maryland Courts

Message from Tammy Sitar

August 22, 2016


GEARS CLOSE DATES – As noted in the spring, the GEARS team started closing fiscal periods within the system on a monthly basis.  This means all processing that should be reflected in a particular month’s work would need to be completed no later than the specified last posting date, such as order to cash end-of-month (EOM) work, voucher processing, refunds, etc.  Below is the schedule for this fiscal year:

August               September 15
September       October 15
October             November 17
November        December 15
December         January 15
January             February 16
February           March 15
March                April 15
April                   May 17
May                    June 15
June                    Please follow deadlines that will be published in the year-end schedule.

SECURITY – With our first full legislative audit finishing up since the implementation of GEARS, the GEARS team will be making some minor changes in relation to user security. 

  1. Changes will start Tuesday to enforce chart field security in a more consistent manner between the Purchasing and Accounts Payable modules.  Field users should use the below navigation options to inquire on PO’s and vouchers that fall under their PCA security and current security roles.  Other tools previously used may no longer be accessible. 
    1. Review PO Information > Purchase Orders (search PCA)
    2. Review PO Information > Activity Summary
    3. Review PO Information > Document Status
    4. Review Accounts Payable Info > Vouchers > Voucher Activity Inquiry
    5. Accounts Payable >  Add/Update > Regular Entry or Quick Invoice Entry as applicable
  2. The team has also taken a comprehensive look at those users that have both a processing role and the related approval role, such as they can create vouchers and they are an approver of vouchers.  These users will be notified independently of our actions as we work to eliminate these conflicting user roles to accomplish better security and segregation of duties. 


ACCOUNTS RECIEVABLE SUMMARIES – This is a reminder that your Accounts Receivable Summaries are due to the AOC Department of Budget and Finance each month by the 15th.  Lately, many reports are not arriving timely delaying our required tasks.

Any questions, please be sure to let me or the GEARS Team know.

Thank you.