Maryland Courts

Message from Tammy Sitar

July 14, 2016


This email is part of a series of year-end email reminders.  It is critical that you read this information to stay up to date in requirements and possible changes to ensure a smooth year-end process.  In addition, please be sure to review the FY16 year-end memo and checklist on a regular basis to ensure that you are in compliance with all required items.  Both documents can be found on the GEARS site for further details.

We are closing in on the final stages impacting the staff of the courts and departments.  However, it is still essential that staff pay careful attention to their work and data entry.  After this time, the focus of finalizing year-end tasks shifts to Budget and Finance, Procurement, and District Court Headquarters.


  1. Effective Friday, July 15,  FY17 invoices can now be processed. Before attempting to voucher any FY17 invoices, please ensure that any related PO’s have been completed and are ready for use.
  2. FY17 PO’s should be available for the receipting process as applicable.
  3. FY16 Invoices received after July 14 – These invoices will need to be processed against your FY17 budget (unless associated with a PO to be encumbered or accrued).  The accounting date should default into the current date (as done normally throughout the year) and the distribution lines should contain AY2017.
  4. FY16 open PO’s will no longer be available for use in vouchering beginning on Friday, July 15.  Unless the PO is encumbered or accrued, the PO will eventually be closed. 
  5. After July 14, all invoices needing to be vouchered against an AY2016 purchase order should be held locally until encumbrance or accrual notification is given by DBF to proceed. 
  6. By Friday, July 15, please notify staff in the Budget Unit of DBF of any PO’s that you would like to be considered for encumbrance by completing the new Encumbrance Request form that can be found on the GEARS site.  Encumbered PO’s are anticipated to be available for use by August 5.
B. Express PO page will be active again on Friday, July 15.

The Express PO page is now active for users and PO’s may be created for AY2017.  Once active, please do not create any Express PO’s with AY16 associated lines.  If you are not sure what to do with a specific invoice, please contact AP staff in Budget and Finance.

C. Contract Listing – The Department of Procurement has created the FY17 contract listing.  It is located on their website, as well as the GEARS site. 

D. Requisitions – Please be sure to use AY2017 in all requisition distribution lines.


E. DBF has still not received the June interest amounts.  We are hoping to receive them tomorrow from the State.  Whenever the amounts are received, we will immediately inform the courts and the end of month June local disbursements should be completed in a timely manner.

F. FY17 Revenue refunds can be processed beginning on Friday, July 15.  Please ensure that the distribution line contains AY17.  (AY16 should no longer be used).

As always, please feel free to contact me or the help desk if you should have any questions or need further assistance.

Thank you.