Maryland Courts

Message from Tammy Sitar

April 4, 2016


***NEW***Closing Periods The GEARS System will now have an official monthly close schedule, which will closely mirror the state financial system close dates to ease the reconciliation process.  In general, the close date will be around the 15th of each month.  This means all processing that should be reflected in a particular month’s work would need to be completed no later than the specified last posting date, such as order to cash end-of-month (EOM) work, voucher processing, refunds, etc.  To ease in this transition, it has been decided that the monthly order-to-cash interest will be shifted forward and processed in the following month.  For example, if your court processes interest on a monthly basis, the February interest received (usually by March 15th) would be processed in your March EOM work, rather than waiting to receive the interest amount to process your February EOM disbursements.  The same principle would apply to quarterly interest disbursements.  The only exception to this rule will be year-end, at which point everyone will need to wait for the June interest to complete their final year-end disbursements.  Each month on the day following the last posting date, as shown below, months will be officially closed within the GEARS system to prevent further processing and system messages will be received if attempts are made to process transactions in closed months.  The team suggests that courts prepare to have their EOM month process completed by the 10th of each month to comply with the posted close schedule.  The attached document provides details about new system warning messages, which may be received, and how to respond to them.   The full fiscal year 2017 close schedule will be announced at a later date.   ***At this time, the system is closed through February.  March remains open for processing work until April 15.***


April 15


May 16


June 15

June approximately August 15 (To be determined based on when year-end tasks are complete.)

approximately August 15


September 15

FY2016 Year-End Close – In the next few weeks, our detailed year-end close memo will be distributed.  In the meantime, please remember that it is essential that your court/department monitor your open procurement documents.  Further information and expectations for this work can be found on the GEARS site under the Procure to Pay Tip Sheets “Monitoring Procurements”.

FY2017 Requisitions – Please note that AY2017 requisitions can now be entered into the GEARS system.  Please review the GEARS email update distributed on March 16 for detailed guidance.  It can be found on the GEARS site under News & Information.

GEARS Support and the Help Desk – As we get closer to completing our third full year of processing financial data in GEARS, the quantity of daily help desk tickets continues to decrease.  We would like to remind users that direct communication with AOC Departmental Staff is strongly encouraged for assistance as applicable for general questions or issues that may arise.  This means:
*if you have an issue with a voucher, you may contact staff within the Budget and Finance Accounts Payable Unit;
*if you have a budget issue, you may contact staff within the Budget and Finance Budget and Reports Unit;
*if you have a revenue issue, you may contact staff within the Budget and Finance Revenue Unit;
*if you have an issue with a requisition or purchase order, you may contact staff within the Department of Procurement, Contract and Grant Administration;
*If you have a p-card issue, you may contact the p-card administrator within the Department of Procurement, Contract and Grant Administration or staff within Budget and Finance;
*If you are an employee of District Court, you may contact District Court Headquarters for specific District Court processing guidance or contact the offices noted above as needed; or
*for other issues, not specifically noted above, please feel free to contact other appropriate department staff as necessary.

The help desk (410-260-1114) will still be active and should be used for issues more technical in nature, BUS issues, or other issues as needed. 


***NEW***Detail Revenue Activity Report  – In the past, as a part of your month-end reconciliation process, DBF and the Internal Auditors have recommended that the GL Trial Balance Detail Report be run to confirm all daily deposits and adjustments have been recorded in the General Ledger.  The GEARS Team has created a similar version of this report specifically for Order to Cash that should make this process much easier for you.  The report is titled Detail Revenue Activity Report and it can be found using the following navigation, General Ledger>General Reports>Detail Revenue Activity Report.  The Detail Revenue Activity Report will contain all of your revenue activity for one accounting month.  You will no longer need to run two different Accounting Periods to balance the activity for one accounting month.  All of the same data will be on this new report, along with new, more detailed level information that has been requested by users.  For example, vendors that were paid revenue refunds and local disbursement vendor names will be displayed, as well as the daily deposits will be broken out between DEP (Deposits0 and CRD (Credit Cards).  The GEARS Team is hoping this report will simplify your monthly reconciliation work and provide all of the detail revenue activity information in just one report.  This report should be ready for review and use the morning of April 5.  Please contact the help desk if you should have any issues.


***NEW***Creating a Change Order for an Express PO – Please note that a new tip sheet has been created and is available on our GEARS site.  This tip sheet provides guidance on how to make line item changes to Express PO’s that are based on Quantity or Amount.

Thank you.