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Messages from Tammy Sitar

March 16, 2016

Soon the complete FY2016 year-end guidance will be distributed.  However, in the meantime, please note that users may begin to enter AY2017 requisitions on Monday, March 21.  Please be sure to review the specific instructions below before you begin.


  1. Associated with AY2017 only:
    1. Can be entered into GEARS on Monday, March 21. 
    2. Please start your requisition name with “AY17” for easy identification.  We recommend this naming convention for all requisitions throughout the year.  Additional details and information can also be entered in the comments section.
    3. Please ensure that the correct “AY2017” Appropriation Year is referenced in the chartfield distribution line(s).
    4. Please have the requisition approved.
    5. Do not budget check the requisition.  If a user happens to budget check the requisition, you should receive a budget status of “error”, due to the entry date of the requisition.
    6. The GEARS Team will perform a weekly process to change the accounting and budget dates on the requisitions to coincide with AY2017 (required) and perform a mass budget check.  This process will be done on a regular basis and as needed to allow the Department of Procurement (DPCGA) time to issue the AY17 purchase orders.  AY17 purchase orders cannot be used or have any activity associated with them prior to July 1.
  2. Associated with AY2016 and AY2017 both:
    1. Must be entered as two different requisitions.
    2. Can process the AY16 requisition as currently done and complete the full process.
    3. Any AY17 requisitions would need to follow the process noted above in B-1.
    4. AOC recommends that all requisitions and purchase orders be done on a fiscal year basis.

If you should have any questions, please contact the Help Desk or the Department of Procurement, Contract and Grant Administration.