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Message from Tammy Sitar

February 17, 2015


Access to GEARS Many people have expressed recently through help desk tickets that they are not able to access GEARS.  This is due to the URL being utilized.  As you may recall, we’ve provided notice in the past that GEARS was moving to a SSL URL connection.  For the past couple of months, JIS has been allowing access to GEARS using both the old URL and the new SSL URL.  Recently, the old URL was made inactive.  Please make sure that if you bookmarked your GEARS URL that you update it to the below correct SSL URL.  This access point is always on the GEARS site under the “Launch PeopleSoft” tab.

Tip Sheets Please review the GEARS site for updated Tip Sheets.  Many have been revised to add further details on the selection of vendors, which has been an on-going issue.  The correct selection of your vendor will minimize possible future issues.

Training Please review the training schedule that can be found on our GEARS site.  There are still many openings remaining.  We encourage you to register as early as possible, as some classes have been cancelled due to low enrollment. 


Creating an Express PO (revised Tip Sheet) Many of you have asked to be able to use speedcharts when creating Express PO’s.  The use of speed charts, as they are used in requisitions, is not available in Express PO’s and the effort to customize the system would be too great.  However, the team has done further exploration and there is a delivered system option within Express PO’s which uses the speedchart and may meet the same need.  Please review the recently revised tip sheet on Creating an Express PO, which highlights the change.  Basically, you will be establishing a PO default within the purchase order that uses your speedchart and will apply to all PO lines.  However, the PO defaults only apply to the PO in progress and must be established with each new PO if desired. 

Review Vendors Please ensure that you are paying the correct vendor by searching via TIN or SS#, not just by their vendor or employee name.  There can be multiple vendors in the system (even employees) with the same name, so the search by TIN or SS# is essential to ensure you are selecting the correct vendor.  The system will not provide any SS# numbers in any search results.  In addition, if you are creating a voucher from a purchase order, the vendor should copy in from the purchase order.  You should still verify the correct vendor was used before saving the voucher. If it is not correct, you should contact the Procurement Office.  Please review the tip sheet for utilizing the review vendor menu.  The correct selection of your vendor will minimize possible future issues.

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Maryland Judiciary
Deputy Director Budget and Finance
GEARS, Project Director
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