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January 22, 2015


GEARS Training A quick reminder on the upcoming GEARS Training.  The training announcement and registration is attached and can be found on our GEARS site.  Do not wait on registering as classes may be cancelled if we do not have sufficient enrollment.

Subject Matter Experts The GEARS project has a group of users that have volunteered to assist the project as needed.  This team of people is called Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and a complete list of the members and their contact information can be found on the GEARS site under What’s New.  They are more than welcome to take your calls or emails for a quick question or some assistance.  The GEARS Team meets with the SME’s on a quarterly basis and some of the ongoing tasks identified for this group are listed below.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this group, please let me know.

  1. Willing to assist end-users with system knowledge within the functionalities of their positions. 
  2. Testing of enhancements for the GEARS team.
  3. Assist with training sessions as needed.
  4. Willing to listen to your issues and bring your feedback to the project team.
  5. Assist with topics for the Update Emails.


Duplicate Treasury Code Message To prevent duplicate treasury code numbers within GEARS, the team has modified the code to review the Treasury Code entered.  If the system finds that the same Treasury Code number has already been used within the same batch county, the user will receive the below message.  Hopefully, this will resolve keying errors that require additional work for all of us.  If you come across this error and need assistance, please contact the Help Desk.

Treasure Code Message


Expense Reimbursement – Please remember that requests for expense reimbursement must be done no more than 90 days after the date of travel, as found in the Travel Policy III D.  If the date extends beyond this timeframe, approval must be provided by the State Court Administrator to still receive reimbursement.  In addition, please ensure that you are using the correct form with the correct mileage rate reimbursement based on the date of your travel.  The policy and forms can be found under the employees section on Courtnet.

Procurement Monitoring The courts/field offices are responsible for monitoring and taking required action on their procurements.  To assist in this endeavor, the GEARS Team recently revised the PO Buydown Report and created a custom PO Close Request.  Please note, these items were discussed in the Procurement presentation during Accounting Day, which is attached (on CourtNet) for ease of reference.  Please review the presentation and note the suggested timeframe for performing these processes.  The documentation for these processes are being loaded to our site and will be located very soon under the Procure to Pay Tip Sheet section. 

PO Buydown Report – We hope that you will find the revised report user-friendly and helpful in reviewing the activity associated with your Purchase Orders.  There are many different parameters to select from for inclusion on the report, as well as exclusion. 

PO Buydown Report tab

PO Close Request – This is a new tool in which you can “select” PO’s that you wish to be closed and the system will send an automated email to Procurement notifying them of your request.  A single PO or multiple PO’s can be selected. 
PO Close Request Tab

Procurement Reminders At our last SME meeting, there was discussion over some on-going issues that users are experiencing.  The Procurement Department and the GEARS Team would like to remind the users of the below items that may minimize these situations:

  1. Invalid characters in PO descriptions carry over into the vouchers and then require revisions. – Procurement will make a more conscious effort to avoid having invalid characters in the PO description field. However, users should make the same efforts to eliminate invalid characters in their requisition description, as this same information is often carried into the PO.
  2. PO’s are sometimes using the ship-to address, rather than the bill-to address – Procurement will reiterate to their buyers the importance of selecting the proper bill to address on the PO.
  3. PO’s are being set-up as quantity based instead of amount. – The final decision whether a PO should be quantity based or amount only resides with the Procurement Department.  In general, only PO’s for services and/or varying cost are “Amt Only”.  PO’s for goods are to be quantity based. The users should consult with procurement about any PO’s, which may warrant a deviation from this general rule or they feel requires some other special attention before creating the requisition.  However, Procurement will make the final determination in setting up the PO.  If the user has issues with receiving on the PO, they should contact their buyer in Procurement to review the set-up before continuing.
  4. PO’s are not being setup correctly, i.e. primarily a forms issue. – It’s very important that the users set-up all requisitions in the manner they plan to receive the goods/services in accordance with Procurement guidelines.  Any questions, Procurement should be contacted prior to entering the requisition to minimize issues.  

Voucher Activity Inquiry A modification has been made to this custom voucher inquiry page.  A user now has the option to exclude closed and/or deleted vouchers.  Deleted vouchers do not impact GL account activity at all.  Closed vouchers will display in the GL account activity as both a charge and credit.  In these instances, if necessary the invoice was processed with a new voucher.  The Tip Sheet documentation has been updated accordingly.

Voucher Activity Inquiry Page

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
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GEARS, Project Director
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