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January 9, 2015


Upcoming GEARS Training Opportunities - January - May 2015
See Registration and Schedule

Broadly, the below sessions are planned and will cover areas such as:

Procure to Pay – requisitions, purchase orders, vouchers
Reporting – General Ledger and Commitment Control
Order to Cash – Revenue recordation and end of month processing
Supervisory – Worklist review and management and some reporting
NEW Training Topic – Pcard management
New Training Topic – Travel Policy

Please be sure to review the documentation carefully to ensure your registration is completed accurately and in full.   

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!


Mileage Rate Reimbursement – Please note the below email message that was recently distributed by Roxanne McKagan.  Mileage incurred prior to January 1 should still be reimbursed at 56 cents.  Only travel incurred January 1 or after should be reimbursed at 57.5 cents.  A new expense reimbursement form with the new rate and calculating functions should be on Courtnet soon.

The Internal Revenue Service is increasing the reimbursement rate for use of a privately-owned vehicle from 56 cents to 57.5 cents effective January 1, 2015.  The Department of Budget and Management is utilizing this new rate.  Therefore, effective January 1, 2015, please use 57.5 cents per mile for private mileage reimbursement.

If there are any questions, please contact me.

Thank you.

Roxanne McKagan
Judiciary Travel Coordinator

Training Schedule – A new training schedule for January – March should be published soon.  Upon receipt, please review and get your registrations in quickly.


Charge Code Query Changed - AOC_CHARGE_ID_ALLOC_EOM- This query has been modified to allow the option of running it for just one account number.  Previously, it would include all accounts.  (This is still an option.)  One example of the use of this query would be for the monthly disbursements for District Court.  Once all deposits and adjustments are complete for the month, a user could run the query with a date range for the entire month (12/01/2014 – 12/31/2014) and enter 7530 (local disbursements) in the account field.  The result will list all the items to be processed for local disbursements.  If nothing is returned, then the EOM Local Disbursement process does not need to be processed, as nothing was collected to be disbursed.


PO Vouchers – Please note a modification to the system has been done that will prevent users from changing chartfield values when utilizing PO’s within vouchers.  The process of vouchering and pulling in a purchase order or receipt into the voucher has not changed.  If a user notices that the chartfield values are not correct on a Purchase Order, the Department of Procurement should be contacted to make the required changes before completing any vouchers against the PO.  If a voucher has been started, a user can always exit without “saving” the current voucher by clicking HOME in the top blue Oracle banner bar.  The system will provide a warning that you have unsaved data at which point you should select to cancel.  Once the changes are complete on the PO, the user can then resume processing the invoice with a new voucher.

Procurement Budgetary Activity Report Change – A modification was made to this delivered report to add vendor name and modify a couple column headings.  Please see the navigation for this report below, as well as examples, which highlight the change. 

Requisition Chartfields – Please note a modification to the system has been done that will prevent users from saving a requisition without completing all chartfield values.  This was necessary to ensure that budgets are correctly referenced and checked. 

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Maryland Judiciary
Deputy Director Budget and Finance
GEARS, Project Director
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