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A Message from Tammy Sitar

Deputy Director of Budget and Finance and GEARS Project Director

July 3, 2014

Hello everyone,

FY14 Year-End - Just a reminder, please continue to review and adhere to the FY14 year-end schedule and deadlines as published in the memo distributed on May 6th via a GEARS Update email.  The memo can be found on the Department of Budget and Finance website, as well as the right-hand side of the GEARS website under the What's New area.  PLEASE REVIEW THE BELOW IMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS:

All AY2014 invoices, including expense reimbursement requests, need to be processed by Friday, July 11.

When adding new AY14 vouchers, please be sure to change the accounting date on vouchers to 6/30/2014 before you continue on to completing your distribution lines.  When you insert and use your speedchart, the budget date on the distribution line will then default to 6/30/2014 as well and
the voucher should pass budget check successfully.  If you realize that you did not change your accounting date after completing the distribution lines and go back and revise it to 6/30, the budget date will not align automatically and you can not manually change it.  If this happens there are two options for you:

The project team is catching these issues and correcting the budget date and running the budget check.

After modifying the accounting date to 6/30, you can then delete your distribution line and reenter the line with your speedchart and the budget date will then align properly.

If entering any journal entries for AY2014, please be sure that the journal date on the initial add screen is set to 6/30/2014 to align properly with the appropriation year that will be used on your detail lines.

Revenue refunds should be processed by Monday, July 7.
Hold AY2015 invoices for processing until Monday, July 14.
It is probably a good idea to continue naming your requisitions with the Fiscal Year cited.

Review your voucher statuses for required follow-up by using the Voucher Activity Inquiry screen.  You can limit your search results by using the date parameters.  This will be important as well when you move into reviewing your FY15 vouchers. so as to limit your results.

Process your Order to Cash June end of month disbursements as soon as the interest amount is received from DBF.

FY15 Budget - The FY15 budget has been loaded.  Please be sure to budget check your documents as required.  Requisitions that are not budget checked will be pushed back to the approver asking for the budget check to occur.

Performance Issues - If you are experiencing any system performance issues, please complete a help desk ticket.  This will assist the project team in identifying areas that can be reviewed and potentially improved for everyone.

PO Buydown Report - There was a slight delay in getting this into the production environment but it is there now.  A new report option has been created that will provide voucher and balance information related to Purchase Orders.  There are many different selection parameters to run the report, such as PO#, date, vendor name, vendor number, account, etc.  The report option should be in the system by the middle of next week.  The Quick Tip Sheet for running the report has been placed on our site under Procure to Pay.

Reorganization - Due to the AOC reorganization, many PCA's have changed with the new fiscal year.  Those that manage these budgets have been notified of the change and other pertinent required information.  However, with this reorganization, also came changes to GEARS security for some users.  If you are experiencing issues with accessing required PCA's, please complete a help desk ticket.

Review Vendor Information - To provide more useful information for vendor selection, we have made recent changes to the Review Vendor Information page.  The changes include adding the FEIN number in a column and adding the current vendor status.  Please note that Social Security numbers will not display for any vendors that use a Social Security number as their Tax Payer Identification number.  The FEIN column will be blank.  As before, you can still search specifically via a known FEIN or SS#, but now you can also search via a name and get FEIN results for review as needed.
Additionally, if a vendor status is inactive and you believe the vendor should be used, please complete the vendor form for an activation request.
This screen should be utilized to ensure you are selecting the correct vendor for invoice processing.

Oracle Screen

Security Access to GEARS - Just a quick note that the form and process for requesting access to GEARS has been completed and is now available on our GEARS site.  In addition, the form should be used for any security modification requests and requests to remove access.  The form, as well as instructions, can be found under our GEARS Form link on the left hand of our website.  Our aim was to make the form more user friendly.  Please let us know any issues or comments.

Subject Matter Experts (SME's) - Our SME group has been actively meeting every couple months to go over recent issues or enhancements with GEARS and to get their input on related topics.  Some of these people have really stepped up to assist with training as well.  At this time, we are in need of people to join this group that have experience in GEARS Order to Cash
(OTC) functionality.  If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Tammy.

Tip Sheets *NEW*  - They can be found on our website under Tip Sheets. Other Tip Sheets have been updated and are noted as such with the specific dates as well.

Using the Notify Function
Canceling an eProcurement Requisition
Canceling an Express Purchase Order
Running a PO Buydown Report

Training - At this time, our scheduled GEARS training will go on a short hiatus while most of the presenters work through year-end.  Watch for further classes in late summer or early fall.

Voucher Workflow Modification - REMINDER - Based on your feedback, a modification has been made to the worklist for voucher approvals.  The current voucher status of the budget check, document tolerance and match status was added to the page.  In addition, a link was added, "Goto Voucher", that will allow you direct access to the regular entry screen of the voucher for viewing any additional voucher information.


Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
Project Director - GEARS