Maryland Courts

A Message from Tammy Sitar

Deputy Director of Budget and Finance and GEARS Project Director

June 12, 2014

Hello everyone,

FY14 Year-End - Just a reminder, please continue to review and adhere to the FY14 year-end schedule and deadlines as published in the memo distributed on May 6th via a GEARS Update email. The memo can be found on the Department of Budget and Finance website, as well as the right-hand side of the GEARS website under the What's New area. Please give the memo a quick read this morning. Your work and attention to this detail is an integral part of having a successful first year-end close in GEARS and we appreciate your cooperation!

Help Desk Update - The GEARS Help Desk is operating smoothly and at any one time only has a handful of tickets open. If you should have any concerns about the help desk, please let me know.

OTC Updates:

  • Bad Check Adjustments (JBC) - When entering a bad check adjustment, if the original receipt was recorded as a CCS (standalone) charge code, and you have now been converted to the RCS registers and codes, please DO NOT use the old CCS code to reverse the revenue with the JBC bill. Please use the new RCS charge code that relates to the revenue being reversed.
  • New Bill Type JXA - A new bill type has been added (JXA), which is exclusively used for Baltimore City for asbestos.
  • Local Interest Allocations - Due to the quicker turnaround time for local disbursements allowed by GEARS, a few courts are now experiencing a negative interest amount from the State. The Department of Budget and Finance recommends that courts hold interest and only allocate and disburse it when the total interest amount is positive. However, if courts do choose to enter it earlier, we are in the process of revising the instructions. In the meantime, when needed please complete a help desk ticket.
  • New Query AOC_TREASURY_TAX_LIENS - A new query has been developed for the purpose of reconciling the tax lien payments received from the state. The required selection parameters are batch county and a date range.
  • New Query AOC_CHARGE_ID_LIST_WDISBURSMNT - A new query has been developed which provides a listing of valid charge codes, along with the disbursement percentages and the customer for the disbursement. The required selection parameter is batch county.
  • Query Modification AOC_CHARGE_ID_ALLOCATION - Parameters were added to choose a specific 'account' (object) or for all accounts.
  • Quick Tip Sheets Revisions - Please note that there are revised OTC Tip Sheets on our GEARS site. These Tip Sheets were recently reviewed/revised and are being used for the new deployments of RCS and GEARS and training.
  • Revenue Reports - The project team has recently completed the design of revenue reports to mimic the old R1 and R2 reports. The revenue detail report (R1) for both circuit and District Court and the revenue summary (R2) for District is completed. The current navigation for the reports is Main Menu > Maryland Judiciary > Reports. If you should have any issues, please file a help desk ticket.

Pcard Desktop User Guide - Please be sure to review the revised Pcard Desktop User Guide that can be found on the GEARS site under Tip Sheets - Procurement Card.

Performance Issues - If you are experiencing any system performance issues, please complete a help desk ticket. This will assist the project team in identifying areas that can be reviewed and potentially improved for everyone.

PO Buydown Report - A new report option has been created that will provide voucher and balance information related to Purchase Orders. There are many different selection parameters to run the report, such as PO#, date, vendor name, vendor number, account, etc. The report option should be in the system by the middle of next week. The Quick Tip Sheet for running the report will be placed on our site under Procure to Pay and will include the navigation to reach the report, Please look for this information, as this report should be very helpful.

PO Receipts - Please note that the Quick Tip Sheet for Creating a PO Receipt has been revised based on input from the AOC and District Court Warehouse staff. Steps have been added to notify and provide required information to the warehouses.

Security Access to GEARS - Just a quick note that the form and process for requesting access to GEARS is under review and should be published soon. Stay tuned!

SSL GEARS Connection Link - The project team currently has some select users utilizing a new SSL connection to GEARS (http vs https). We will continue to evaluate results and work with our counties that are on different networks. As we move along, the group of users conducting their GEARS work on this connection will be expanded until we can safely move it to all of our production users.

Training - At this time, our scheduled GEARS training will go on a short hiatus while most of the presenters work through year-end. Watch for further classes in late summer or early fall.

Voucher Workflow Modification - Based on your feedback, a modification has been made to the worklist for voucher approvals. The current voucher status of the budget check, document tolerance and match status was added to the page. In addition, a link was added, "Goto Voucher", that will allow you direct access to the regular entry screen of the voucher for viewing any additional voucher information. Please review the sample screen shot below.

Screenshot of voucher workflow

As always, please share this email with appropriate staff from your office. If any GEARS users are not directly receiving this email, please have them notify me and I will have their name added to the group.

Any questions or comments, please let me know. Keep the GEARS moving!


Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
Project Director - GEARS