Maryland Courts

May 19, 2014

Hello everyone,

DEPT ID Clarification - In a GEARS 2.26.14 Email Update to our Order to Cash Users, a new procedure was announced that required the use of a DEPT ID for OTC bills in the Billing module. It recently came to our attention that some users are now populating the DEPT ID chart field value in their Procure to Pay documents, such as requisitions, purchase orders and vouchers. This policy was only applicable to billing in the Order to Cash functionality and the procure to pay documents should not be impacted. Please do not add values to the DEPT ID value field in the PTP documents.

FY14 Year-End - Just a reminder, please continue to review and adhere to the FY14 year-end schedule and deadlines as published in the FY 14 Year-End Memo distributed on May 6th via a GEARS Update email. The memo can be also be found on the Department of Budget and Finance CourtNet site, as well as the GEARS site.

Interpreter Enhancement - The team has recently completed an enhancement associated with processing interpreter invoices. The following changes have been implemented and should be live in the system this Wednesday, 5/21:

  • The invoice approver can now update the related attachments once the invoice has been submitted and is still awaiting approval.
  • The invoice requestor can now reopen denied invoices to update and resubmit. (An entire new entry will no longer be required.) When an approver denies an invoice, a notification email will be sent to the requestor with a link to the invoice for modification.
  • The invoice requestor can now add/subtract an unlimited amount of invoice lines. Fields (quantity, amount, or total) will gray or become available as appropriate based on the expense type settings.

Pcard Update - As Pcard Cardholders should be aware of, the system sends an email notification when the monthly statement has been loaded and is ready for your reconciliation. Please note that you have three business days to complete this action. During this time, you can access the statement and make all required changes. After these days, you are only able to review the statement. Any required coding changes at this point will need to be completed via a journal entry.

The team has finished a recent enhancement that will now allow your assigned proxy to receive the email notification as well as yourself. The actual Pcard Cardholder needs to complete the below steps to finish this process. To be effective with the next statement reconciliation review, please have this done by this Friday, May 23.

  • Go to Main Menu > My System Profile
  • Scroll down to the Email Section
  • Under the email type of "Business", please verify your own email address listed. If incorrect, please make the required changes.
  • To insert a proxy email, click the plus sign at the end of the row and a new line is created.
  • Under the email type, use the drop down to select "Purchase Card Delegate."
  • Insert the email address of the proxy that should receive the review notification email.
  • Please ensure the address is entered correctly, as the system will not validate and if incorrect, the email will not be delivered.
  • When done, click Save to accept the changes.

In summary, all of the following steps are required to fully set up a proxy:

  • Email Lisa Lee and copy Tammy Sitar, requesting proxy access for a staff person for your pcard
  • Complete the GEARS security form requesting the Pcard Cardholder role for the staff proxy
  • The Pcardholder needs to setup the proxy's email address as the Pcard Delegate under their "My System Profile" as described above.

RCS and GEARS Order to Cash (OTC Revenue) Deployment - Due to multiple issues related to this initiative, there has been a slight delay in the projected roll-out schedule. Currently, our next training is tentatively planned to begin sometime in July for some counties on the Eastern Shore.

Any questions or comments, please let me know. Keep the GEARS moving!


Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
Project Director - GEARS