Maryland Courts

March 3, 2014

Hello everyone,

NEW PAGE - VOUCHER ACTIVITY INQUIRY - The project team has developed a great new inquiry page that we believe you will find very useful. It can be found following this navigation: Accounts Payable, Review Accounts Payable Information, Vouchers, Voucher Activity Inquiry. This page can be used to find and review information related to a specific accounts payable voucher (invoice) or a range of vouchers based on many different selection criteria. In addition, you can perform searches based on statuses, such as budget, post, match, transaction, and approval. By using these tools, you can find vouchers that may have missed getting budget checked or are pending approval and need further action to move forward in the payment process. Please review the documentation for instructions on use of this new page.

Duplicate Warning Messages - When entering vouchers (processing invoices for payment), the system does a check to see if the invoice number has been used already with the same vendor. If this does occur, the system will provide a warning. The warning does not prevent the voucher from being completed. However, the warning should be reviewed to ensure that a true duplicate invoice is not being entered.

RCS and GEARS Order to Cash (OTC Revenue) Deployment - As many of you know, we have been working with the RCS (Revenue Collection System-new cash registers) team for rolling out RCS to the remaining circuit and district courts. For the District Court, this will also include the roll-out of GEARS as well to the remaining locations. In preparation, the GEARS revenue documentation will be reviewed and where separate will be consolidated into one document, regardless of court. As such, the project team will begin the document review process and then we will ask our Subject Matter Experts (SME) for assistance in a final review. In addition, we are coordinating training and support needs as well.

Order To Cash (OTC-Revenue) Training - The project team is developing a training course to be deployed soon for OTC users. Please watch your email for the announcement.

Receipts - Please remember, GEARS receipts are still required for all Purchase Orders that are created by the Department of Procurement and Contract Administration (DPCA). The voucher will not be processed by the Department of Budget and Finance (DBF) if a receipt is required but has not been completed. The recent receipt change announced in my February 2nd email, only changed receipts to be optional for Express Purchase Orders. Again, receipts are still mandatory for DPCA purchase orders.

Utilities and Rents - A recent enhancement was completed that allows the Department of Budget and Finance to process utility and rent invoices without sending the voucher out for field approval first. This change was essential due to the time sensitive payment nature of these invoices. As before GEARS, DBF will process the invoices and notify the departments/courts of these invoices.

Voucher Actions - If you have already run the “Match, Doc Tol, Bdgt” action on a voucher and it results in an exception, please resolve the exception and then re-run only the action needed to clear the exception. This will reduce unnecessary processes and help improve system performance. For example, if you run the “Match, Doc Tol, Bdgt” action, and get Budget Exceptions, but the Matching and Doc Tolerance are valid, you should resolve the budget issue and then re-run only the “Budget Checking” action. See Voucher 3-Way Action.

Any questions or comments, please let me know. Keep the GEARS moving!

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
Project Director - GEARS