Maryland Courts

January 21, 2014



This email provides updated information and related assistance to GEARS users. Please review and share with others.

TRAINING - An email was sent on January 20 announcing upcoming training sessions. If you plan to attend, please make sure that you register early. See Training Sessions.

WORK SESSIONS - There are four more sessions planned in which users may bring actual work documents and get assistance with processing. They are on 2/14 and 3/14. An email was sent on January 9 announcing the dates. See Training Sessions.

SECURITY ROLES - Please review the Security section on Tip Sheets for details on the system access that is provided with each security role. The project team is working with the JIS Security group on revising the GEARS Security Access form.

VOUCHER INQUIRY PAGE - The voucher inquiry page that was shown at Accounting Day is currently being tested by users. This should be completed soon.

ACCOUNTING DAY FEEDBACK -The project team has taken the comments and questions received during the Talk to the Project Team session and provided responses. See Accounting Day 11/19/13 - Feedback and Responses under Training. Other documents and presentations from Accounting Day can be found on the Training page.

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS (SME's) - We held our first meeting of GEARS SME's recently and have outlined how they can possibly assist the project, as well as their Judiciary peers.

FOCUS GROUP - As mentioned in the State Court Administrator's GEARS memo, a focus group has been formed and will be meeting on January 31.

GEARS NOTIFICATION EMAIL - As indicated by this email, a GEARS notification group has been established in Lotus for use by the project. This email group will be used to inform users of important information, as well as any status notices of system availability. The group will be reviewed and updated monthly.

Any questions or comments, please let me know.

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar, CPA
Deputy Director
Budget and Finance
Project Director - GEARS