Maryland Courts

To All:

June 28, 2013

The much anticipated GEARS Go-Live will occur on Monday July 1st for FY14 transaction processing. This has been a huge undertaking and we are ready to turn on the core system for the entire Maryland Judiciary. This communication gives you information on what to expect, what systems will be retired, and how to get support.

What to Expect:

  • GEARS will be live on Monday July 1st for core processes including requisitions, purchase orders, vouchering/invoicing (including submission of employee expense reimbursements and interpreter invoices), general ledger and reporting, and inventory tracking for District Court Headquarters.
  • Local accounting processes at the courts will NOT be impacted by this go-live date. Therefore, all processes and applications in use today remain the same (i.e, Accounting 2000, FoxPro, RCS, Quicken, and QuickBooks.) See additional information further below.
  • GEARS will replace 2 systems at this time for FY14 transactions and forward: RAPOR- Judiciary-wide and the AS400 in the Department of Budget and Finance (DBF).
  • All FY14 requisitioning should be done in GEARS. RAPOR will be set to read only and will be available for historical review only.
  • User login information and the link to the GEARS system will be sent in an email from JIS Security on Monday morning, July 1st.
  • All remaining FY13 invoices received should be processed as they are today, stamped and coded and sent to DBF. The DBF will process as required.
  • Courts and Departments will process all FY14 invoices in GEARS as vouchers. The invoice no longer needs to be stamped and coded, because you will enter the accounting information into GEARS directly or it will be pulled over from the PO. However, the invoice will be scanned and attached to the voucher within GEARS.
  • Required approvals on documents will happen electronically now.
  • If your court or department still has a need for a scanner, please contact Rose Finney at 410-260-1415 to make arrangements. In the majority of work processes within GEARS, supporting documentation can be attached

How to Get Help

Local Accounting Impacts

  • JIS BUS cashiering website will not go live until August.
  • Courts will be invited in July to review the local processes and receive additional training.
  • All of the following remain as is in the current state with the same flow of processing and paperwork:
  • FoxPro, Accounting 2000, RCS, Quicken, QuickBooks
  • Deferred Payments, Escrow Deposits, Bond Forfeitures
  • Adjustments – bad checks, revenue reclasses, etc.
  • Return of Escrow checks and Bank reconciliation
  • Local Revenue Disbursements and Revenue Refunds
  • Positive Pay
  • For those courts on RCS, there is one small change. CD/FAR’s must be printed and sent to DBF for processing. They can be scanned and emailed to The current interface supporting electronic files to the AS400 will be turned off.

Theresa and I would like to thank everyone involved in the project up to this point. We could not have done it without your support and assistance. As with all projects of this magnitude, there will be issues and challenges that occur as we roll-out and everyone starts using the system and learning new processes. We ask for your continued patience as we work through these items. We will do our best to respond timely and to keep everyone informed.

Please feel free to reach out to either one of us with any comments or concerns.

Thank you,

Tammy Sitar and Theresa Nudell