Maryland Courts


As the New Year approaches, we move ever more closely to the implementation of GEARS (April 1, 2013). I understand that this brings both excitement and trepidation. There is excitement because we’re finally moving into the 21st Century with the use of modern technology, but there is trepidation because of the unknown. Some of you may be wondering what impact GEARS will have not only on how you perform your job, but also on the security of your job. Let me assure you that while GEARS absolutely will change how you do your job, it will not result in the loss of employment. There necessarily will be some job restructuring, but with that comes new possibilities, as well as the opportunity to gain new skills.

I am looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to how GEARS and MDEC will serve to enhance how the Judiciary functions and, in doing so, improve how we serve the citizens of Maryland. It is my hope that you share my excitement.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Frank Broccolina
State Court Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts
and Executive Sponsor, GEARS Project