Maryland Courts

And the Winner is GEARS

Kim Cummings, Circuit Court for Dorchester County

Kim Cummings, Dorchester County Circuit Court, submitted
the winning project name

The winning name for the ERP project, GEARS, was submitted by Kim Cummings from the land records office, Dorchester County Circuit Court.

The name GEARS stands for General Enterprise And Resource Support. In her contest entry Cummings explained the name this way: “Project GEARS, always working like a well-oiled machine. Keep those GEARS a turnin’.”

Cummings has been with the Judiciary for five years, starting in the land records office at Queen Anne’s County. In early 2008, she joined the Dorchester County staff processing land records and liens. She entered the contest after the name GEARS just “popped into” her head, she said.

She did not divulge her contest entry to her co-workers. “I kept it a secret. It was just one of those little whims I had and I just went for it!”

Asked how she would like GEARS to be received by the project users, Cummings replied, “I hope it will inspire.”

Clerk of the Circuit Court for Dorchester County Amy Craig offered her congratulations. “I am extremely pleased by Kim's winning the Back Office naming contest. Kim is a very dedicated employee within my office and her skills concerning the Judiciary are exemplary,” Craig said. “Congratulations, Kim, for a job well done.”

The GEARS project team offers thanks and congratulations to all who entered the naming contest. Now that the name is selected, we can all “shift GEARS” and look forward to seeing new project happenings and updates on this site.

The Other Finalists

Diane Pawlowicz

Diane Pawlowicz, executive director Court Operations
Administrative Office of the Courts
"The GRID (Great Resource Interface Design) to denote the networking and support aspects of ERP by likening it to the electrical grid, an interconnected network for collecting and distributing information.”

Angie Cassidy and Thomas Miller

Angie Cassidy and Thomas I. Miller
District Court Headquarters Administrative Services
BOSS (Back Office Support Solution)”