Maryland Courts

Meet the GEARShifters

The GEARShifters are a select group of Maryland Judiciary employees who act as representatives on behalf of the GEARS project for staff of all Judiciary courts and departments.

  • Sue Howells
    Executive Director, Procurements & Contracts (AOC) and
    Chair, GEARS Change Management
  • Dana Floyd - Circuit Court (Calvert County)
  • Diana Liebno - Circuit Court (Howard County)
  • Theresa Mozzano - Circuit Court (Carroll County)
  • Ruthie Martin - Circuit Court (Talbot County)
  • Tamiko Neal - Administrative Aide to the Deputy State Court Administrator (AOC)
  • Ann Garner - District Court (Prince George's County)
  • Dana Brooks - Department of Human Resources (AOC)
  • Diana Moser - District Court (Harford County)
  • Suzie Bishop - Department of Budget and Finance (AOC)
  • Laura Rives - District Court (Baltimore County)
  • Alecia Parker - Court Related Agency MACRO
  • Theresa Nudell - GEARS Project Manager; JIS (AOC)
  • Tammy Sitar – GEARS Project Director (AOC)

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Circuit Courts

Judiciary Organization/Department GEARShifter
Circuit Court Judges' Administrative Assistants Tamiko Neal
Circuit Court Administrators Tamiko Neal
1st Circuit [Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester] Theresa Mozzano
2nd Circuit [Queen Anne's, Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Talbot] Ruthie Martin
3rd Circuit [Baltimore] Laura Rives
3rd Circuit [Harford] Diana Liebno
4th Circuit [Allegany, Garrett, Washington] Dana Floyd
5th Circuit [Anne Arundel, Carroll] Theresa Mozzano
5th Circuit [Howard] Diana Liebno
6th Circuit [Montgomery, Frederick] Diana Liebno
7th Circuit [Prince George's, Charles, St. Mary's] Ann Garner
7th Circuit [Calvert] Dana Floyd
8th Circuit [Baltimore City] Dana Brooks

District Courts

Judiciary Organization/Department GEARShifter
Headquarters Laura Rives
District Court Commissioners Laura Rives
District 1 [Baltimore City] Dana Brooks
District 2 [Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester] Suzie Bishop
District 3 [Cecil, Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot] Diana Moser
District 4 [Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's] Ann Garner
District 5 [Prince George's] Ann Garner
District 6 [Montgomery] Diana Liebno
District 7 [Anne Arundel] Suzie Bishop
District 8 [Baltimore County] Laura Rives
District 9 [Harford] Diana Moser
Distict 10 [Carroll] Diana Liebno
District 11 [Frederick, Washington] Diana Moser
District 12 [Allegany, Garrett] Dana Floyd

Appellate Courts

Judiciary Organization/Department GEARShifter
All Appellate Judicial Circuits Alecia Parker
Court of Special Appeals ADR Programs Alecia Parker
Communications and Public Affairs Alecia Parker
Internal Auditing Alecia Parker
Fair Practices/MBE Alecia Parker
State Reporter Alecia Parker
Foster Care Court Improvement Project Alecia Parker

Court-Related Agencies

Judiciary Organization/Department GEARShifter
Judicial Institute Alecia Parker
Government Relations Alecia Parker
MACRO Alecia Parker
State Board of Law Examiners Alecia Parker
Rules Committee Alecia Parker
Judicial Disabilities Alecia Parker
State Law Library Alecia Parker


Judiciary Organization/Department GEARShifter
Human Resources Dana Brooks
Court Operations Suzie Bishop
Budget and Finance Tammy Sitar
Procurement & Contracts Administration Sue Howells
Family Administration Suzie Bishop
Office of Problem-Solving Courts Suzie Bishop
Emergency Preparedness & Court Security Suzie Bishop
Access to Justice Commission Suzie Bishop
Legal Affairs Sue Howells
Judicial Information Systems Theresa Nudell
Program Services Unit Suzie Bishop
Administrative Services Unit Suzie Bishop
Administration Tammy Sitar