Maryland Courts


Reported by Tammy Sitar, Deputy Director, Department of Budget and Finance

Robin Smith

Robin Smith from the Procurement and Contracts
Administration office enjoys a PeopleSoft
presentation. Says Smith, “I am glad we are
getting this system. I have been an advocate
for years. It is really going to make my job easier!”

Judiciary colleagues from around the state came to the Judiciary Education and Conference Center (JECC) in Annapolis in March and April to get a sneak peek at PeopleSoft, the software component of the GEARS project.

Information sessions were held over several weeks to introduce PeopleSoft to members of the Judiciary’s Departments of Budget and Finance, Procurement and Contract Administration, and Human Resources; District, Circuit and Appellate Courts; and several other departments. The participants learned about the software modules that will be used for the GEARS system at the Judiciary, examined the key PeopleSoft features and functionality, and explored the software’s handling of best practice business processes.

Attending these sessions gave staff their first view into how they will accomplish the goals of their current work using the new system.

The sessions were targeted to staff that have a role in the requirements validation, functional design, testing or training for the project. During sessions, members of the GEARS team presented slides showing workflows and PeopleSoft data screens. The team showed the audience PeopleSoft modules that will be implemented, key features of the software, and they demonstrated how to navigate through the screens. Each session also included questions and answers.

Tammy Sitar, deputy director of Budget and Finance and the GEARS project director, is excited at how the project is moving along. “This project will offer staff across the Judiciary positive changes to their work processes from simply monitoring budgets, to timely inquiry access of revenue and expenditure information, to entering requisitions, just to name a few.” Sitar encourages everyone to review the project website on Courtnet often to stay informed of the latest progress.

A pdf version of each of the slide presentations that made up this Introduction to PeopleSoft overview is available for download.