Maryland Courts


Vision Statement

The GEARS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project will create a Maryland Judiciary-wide solution replacing and augmenting existing Budget and Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, and Grants Management systems, as well as support Local Court Accounting for Circuit and District Courts.

Definition of ERP: An “Enterprise Resource Planning” system is used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business into one central software solution.

The GEARS project (formerly known as the ERP Back Office project) will create a Maryland Judiciary-wide solution by replacing and enhancing existing operating systems and associated support for Local Court Accounting for Circuit and District Courts with a world-class software called PeopleSoft; which will be accessible via your web browser.

Phase I

Financial and Supply Chain Managrment

This phase will provide the structuring of invoicing, procure to pay, accounts payable, billing and similar business processes; while replacing current software systems like AS400, QuickBooks, manual spreadsheets, Accounting 2000 and RAPOR and FoxPro.

Deployment Date: Summer 2013

Phase II

Human Capital Management

Involves integrating Human Capital Management business processes for the Judiciary within PeopleSoft.

Phase III - Removed from project plan

eGrants and JobAps

Integrates the eGrantsPlus and JobAps software with PeopleSoft Financials and Human Capital Management

Major GEARS Project Decisions

  • Vouchering – Will be initiated in the field.
  • Commitment Control – Requisitions/invoices will be budget checked with budget monitoring done at the object class level.
  • Receiving – Will be done online. 3-way match required for all purchase orders.
  • Escrow Accounting – Circuit Court will stay in UCS or other current case management system until MDEC is live.
  • Escrow Accounting (FoxPro) – Due to the stability of FoxPro, District Court will be in PeopleSoft until MDEC is rolled out.
  • AS400 – Platform will stay (but not the system). It will be kept as read-only for financial history.
  • Conversion – Converting two years of history.
  • RAPOR – The FY2013 POs from RAPOR and other open PO’s will be converted. RAPOR will become read-only for history.
  • Magic – Will remain in place. There will be reporting to PeopleSoft for Fixed Assets.
  • Vendor Numbering – PeopleSoft will auto assign a unique vendor number for internal system purposes only. The vendor FEIN or SSN required by the state will be captured in another field and will still be utilized for invoice processing.
  • Scanning Process – PeopleSoft will be the information repository. We have analyzed the PeopleSoft processes to ensure that we have adequate retrieval and document viewing for research needs.

What are the Benefits?

Below are some reasons why we are pursuing this elaborate project in order to make your job easier:

  1. Centralized data and information with Maryland Judiciary-wide access
  2. Refined and simpler processes to match purchase orders with invoices
  3. Ability to verify your budget limit before submitting a Requisition
  4. Data is entered and is accessible in real-time
  5. Improved flow of information, transactions and reports
  6. Greater flexibility for future changes if needed

Meet the GEARShifters - Judiciary employees who act as representatives on behalf of the GEARS project for staff of all Judiciary courts, programs and departments.