IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised the forms, DC-CV-081 Warrant of Restitution, DC-CV-082 Failure to Pay Rent, and DC-CV-082MH Park Owner's Complaint, have been revised to provide a vitally important notice with instructions for Spanish speaking residents threatened with a possible eviction. The Notice gives directions to Spanish translations of the forms and interpreter assistance, if needed.

The 1/15/2014 version of the DC-CV-081, DC-CV-082, and DC-CV-082MH will be required for use on May 1, 2014. *All previous versions of the forms will no longer be accepted after April 30, 2014. Sample forms are posted on the District Court Forms Index. The printed forms are expected to be available at the District Court Warehouse by mid-April.

If you have any questions regarding this form revision, please contact Polly Harding, Administrator of Administrative Services, at District Court Headquarters. Ms. Harding can be reached at 410-260-1638.

Issue Date: 1/13/2014
Revised: 1/16/2014

*The currently accepted versions of these forms, DC-CV-081 (Rev. 1/2013), the DC-CV-082 (Rev. 1/2014), and the DC-CV-082MH (Rev. 6/2013) will no longer be accepted after April 30, 2014.