Maryland Courts

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


About the Pilot

The Case Disposition Information Sheet Pilot is designed to help participants that reached an agreement in ADR determine the disposition, or outcome, of their case without the ADR practitioner giving legal advice.  The purpose of the Case Disposition Information Sheet is to help ADR participants exercise self-determination in making an informed decision about what they want to have happen with their District Court case.

The role of the ADR practitioner is to continue to support the conversation among the participants when they are considering the most commonly utilized case dispositions for civil cases in the District Court reaching an agreement in ADR as noted on the Case Disposition Information Sheet.

The genesis of this Sheet was to address long-standing concerns expressed by ADR practitioners about how to help participants have conversations about their case disposition without giving legal advice.  Most participants in a District Court ADR process are unaware that after they reach terms of agreement on the topics that brought them to ADR or to court that day, that the court needs to know what to do with the court case. 

If participants do not determine their disposition prior to concluding the ADR session, the judge will determine the disposition of the case. 

Next Steps for ADR Practitioners:

    1. View and/or print the Instructions and Case Disposition Information Sheet.
    2. Watch the video.
    3. Questions? Contact your Regional ADR Programs Director.

Participating Locations

Locations participating in the pilot correlate to the location of the judges that presently serve or previously served on the District Court’s ADR Subcommittee. The pilot program will be conducted in the following jurisdictions:

Baltimore City, Hon. James Green
Ellicott City, Hon. Wayne A. Brooks
La Plata, Hon. Andrea R.S. Watkins
Leonardtown, Hon. Karen Christy Holt Chesser
Oakland, Hon. Stephan M. Moylan
Rockville and Silver Spring, Hon. Zuberi Bakari Williams
Salisbury, Hon. L. Bruce Wade


Questions about the Case Disposition Information Sheet may be directed to your Regional ADR Programs Director, as follows:

Baltimore City – Kemi Sanni

Ellicott City & Oakland – Cindy Faucette

La Plata & Leonardtown – Elaine Phillips

Rockville & Silver Spring – Gretchen Kainz

Salisbury – Andrew Fontanella