Maryland Courts

Statewide Uniform Subpoena Form

Effective July 1, 2015, the Maryland Judiciary implemented a uniform, statewide subpoena form pursuant to Maryland Rules 2-510, 3-510, 4-265, and 4-266. In order to ensure that the required seal of the issuing court and the appropriate clerk’s signature appear on the subpoena, there are separate forms for each circuit and district court; however, the content is the same.

The subpoena forms are available to registered users on the MDEC portal. Self-represented litigants MUST obtain the paper form from the appropriate court. Additionally, attorneys can still obtain the paper form from the appropriate court.

Note: MDEC supports the latest versions of the following browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This is a Web-based application and does not require any additional software.

See the instructions and screenshots to learn how to access the subpoena form electronically.

If you have questions, see the FAQs or if you have general questions, please email