Maryland Courts

  • Kevin Kane
  • Terri Charles
    Deputy Director

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs is responsible for planning, designing, and executing programs to inform and educate the public about the services and programs of the Maryland Judiciary. The Office focuses on developing programs and activities to increase public awareness of the court’s role in the community. Its many activities include the production of the Judiciary’s publication, Justice Matters, and the administration of a judges’ Speakers Bureau. The Office produces educational brochures and videos, and works closely with judges and the community to promote such important issues as building public trust and confidence in the justice system.

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs keeps the public, through the media, apprised of newsworthy events by issuing news releases and media advisories, and responds to media requests for information, statistics and photographs. It also conducts ongoing forums with the media to facilitate communication and share information. Contacts are maintained with court public information offices across the country, so that activities, programs, and experiences can be shared and resources can be identified for future use.