Maryland Courts

Commission Members and
Office of Bar Counsel

Commission Members

Linda H. Lamone, Esquire, Chair
J. Donald Braden, Esquire, Vice- Chair
Betty Smith Adams, Esquire
Jeffrey P. Ayres, Esquire
John A. Bielec, Esquire
Barry P. Gossett
Kendra Randall Jolivet, Esquire
Timothy M. Phelps
Linda Bowler Pierson
William McKay Shipp, Esquire
Kerry D. Staton, Esquire
Mayda C. Tsaknis, Esquire

Executive Secretary
Kendall R. Ruffatto, Esq.

Office of Bar Counsel

Glenn M. Grossman, Bar Counsel
Raymond A. Hein, Deputy Bar Counsel
Dolores O. Ridgell, Senior Assistant Bar Counsel
Marianne J. Lee, Senior Assistant Bar Counsel
JaCina N. Stanton, Assistant Bar Counsel
Lydia E. Lawless, Assistant Bar Counsel
Clare Shea McSpaden, Assistant Bar Counsel
Amy Paulick, Assistant Bar Counsel
Ebtehaj Kalantar, Assistant Bar Counsel
Jennifer L. Thompson, Staff Attorney
Kelsey Brown, Staff Attorney


Office Manager
Debra L. Zachry